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  • Union of Magic is....

    A complete information guide to what the system is all about

    Without Levels

    What determines your power?

    Role playing games use levels to determine power and how far you have come. Union of Magic system doesn't use experience or points to determine what you are capable of. What you do determines how you progress. Skills, stats and the magic you know are from what you studied or what you have done.

    Based Around Teamwork

    Meant to be played with partners

    If you want to get anywhere with this system then you will need help. Sure with enough time and money anyone can take on anything alone. This makes for a long dull experience. Having teammates will make the road allot shorter and more entertaining.

    A Magic Rich World

    In place of technology the world has developed using magic

    This world has centuries of history that originates with the original discovery of magic by one of the ancient races. Later on the other races began to learn about magic and use it for their own uses. The humans were the ones to use it to make their lives easier first. Lights, heating, transportation, communication, everything that we take for granted through technology.

    Chaotic and Dangerous

    There is no pattern to the events that occur in this world

    If not following the campaign modules, that will be released in the near future along with the starter campaign guide in the Game Master's Guide, the world is based around unpredictability. All events and jobs are randomly generated and add spice and flavor to the world. Of course this doesn't mean that the Game Master has to follow the events and missions that are rolled but it does make things more interesting when even the GM doesn't know what is about to happen.

    Inspired By Many Different Worlds

    There is no one place that you can just connect this to

    Many different anime have been responsible for inspiring this system. When Supernatural Battles Become Common Place, Trinity Seven, World Break and Fairy Tail are all responsible for starting the creation of this system. No one thing is truly attributed to any of them directly but you can notice certain similarities. This all started with the question "What would it be like to play in those worlds?" That got the founder of Meothane Entertainment to start the Union of Magic project from scratch and got it here.

  • The Union of Magic Team

    Everyone who is involved in bringing this system to life


    The Brains

    Jason "Meothane" Banman


    Original Tester

    The Brawn

    Micheal Sibbeston

    Nichole Sibbeston

    Jeremy Wiebe

    Kenton Clarke

    Haylee Hall

    Taylor Sears

    Travis Branton


    The Heart

    Darlene Banman

    Nichole Sibbeston

  • Video's About Union of Magic

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Game Play Video

    This video was created originally for kickstarter and then was placed here for anyone to view. You get hear the first playing moments of one of the best sessions from the original two game testing groups.

    Play Tester Interviews

    Some play testers volunteered to be interviewed and recorded to talk about their experience playing Union of Magic. They had no idea what the questions were going to be. Of course it had to be edited to save time. I intend on adding an unedited version for those who want the whole thing.

  • Races

    Union of Magic is comprised of many different races. They each have their own rich history and unique characteristics.

    Demon Born

    No one truly knows the origins of these beings but they are older than humans and younger than the lizardmen. They are a secluded race that hid from the world and managed to keep their existence mostly a secret. They are few in number compared to the other races and really have no desire to expand their population and are content with the life they have.

    The appearance of these demons, as they are often referred to, have really no pattern or reason. Demon born can look like animals, insects, reptiles and monsters which are what made them often the victims of persecution. The leathery wings that they manifest from their backs didn’t help the other races accept their existence either. These wings are manifested by using their natural magical abilities. Demon Born are also capable of taking on a human appearance which allowed them to interact with the humans of the world and establish relations. Some have even demonstrated an ability to take on several different human forms. They are a medium sized being that is identical to humans in all aspects except their weight which is lighter than the average human at around one hundred pounds.

    Demon Born have most of their residences setup in secluded places such as islands and mountainous areas where very few races have the need or desire to reach. Only recently have they began to show themselves openly to the other races after their cooperation with the other races to save the world from certain doom.

    The lifespan of Demon Born is infinite while their ability to reproduce is extremely reduced. This doesn’t mean they can’t die from conventional means. They become fully functioning of their tribe normally by the age of fourteen. Their bodies are naturally weak and have difficulty adapting to new environments.

    Demon Born often do not interact with the other races out of a naturally born caution that borders on paranoia. The main reason they even contacted humans was to get things that they needed for their tribes that dot the landscape. Adventure is not the main incentive of their lives. Living in peace with their own kind is the main driving force in their lives.

    Much speculation about this race still floats around the air. There is no clear understanding of their origins or goals but they are truly a welcome addition to the records.

    End record. Entered by Scalia the Dragon scribe


    Elves are the race who first discovered magic. They are an ancient race who have been around since the founding of the world. Much of their knowledge has been lost to history but their understanding of magic is far beyond any of the other races even with the lost arts that they have developed over the millenniums. Elves are a very secretive race viewing all the other races as mere children that are not truly capable of understanding their ways.

    The physique of Elves is slender and tall by generalization. Their height has exceeded six feet tall and they are seldom shorter than five feet tall. Weighing almost nothing in comparison to their height they average around eighty to one hundred and forty. An Elf’s hair color comes in all shades and there seem to be no limitations to it. They are like humans in that they grow hair on their heads but are incapable of growing facial hair. The ears of an elf are pointed at the top and aren’t any bigger than a human’s. Humans have often referred to elves as fairies because of their slender and attractive appearance. Due their build elves are not as hearty as most other races but they are nimble and capable of very delicate movements.

    Elvin colonies often set up their villages in forests using the wilderness around them to hide their presence. They are capable of setting up residence anywhere due to their proficiency with magic but prefer areas that they can use their surroundings to conceal themselves. Structures built into or onto trees and hillsides is the most common form of housing for elves.

    From being so in tuned with magic elves are capable of living for thousands of years. Magical energy is able to keep them from aging rapidly. Some have lived to be tens of thousands of years old by living in an area where magical energy is in abundance. The average lifespan for an elf is two thousand years. These beings age slower than the other races and only reach adulthood after eighty years. During that time they receive training from their elders and become proficient with one form of magic.

    Interaction is seldom instigated by elves. They will sometimes respond to the other races approaching them or entering their territory but will generally just ignore them unless the intruders are considered a threat. They view the other races as children except for the lizardmen which they consider to be just beasts. This doesn’t mean that they will leave the other races to deal with a problem that they are dealing with alone. They normally function behind to the scenes to maintain the balance of the world. Some sects of elves take a far more active approach and will sometimes even instigate events that will help maintain the balance.

    To summarize these beings consider themselves guardians of the world and it’s keeper. Though they understand the need for other races to grow and die off they will not abide in the unnecessary use of power to corrupt the world for their own selfish ends.

    End record. Entered by Scalia the Dragon scribe


    Fey Folk are beings that have around for thousands of years that were considered a myth until recently. They are intelligent magical beings that are capable of flight with insect-like wings that come from their backs. They are not capable of flying for prolonged periods because of the need to use magical power to manifest their wings. Their wings are naturally weak but they are capable of incredible speed. Over the past few years, they have taken up residence with they other races of the world and been accepted mainly due to their cuteness.

    Fey Folk are humanoid creatures that look like miniature humans and are small enough to be carried by the other intelligent races. When they are hatched they are about one foot tall and weigh around ten pounds. They can grow to be about three feet tall at their peak but can be as short as two feet. Their weight as an adult is only around thirty pounds.

    Because of their smaller size, they can’t handle cooler environments but can handle heat very well. Their favorite area that most of them live is in the forests around large bodies of water. There are many of them that have set out to set up their own cluster of homes and very few prefer to coexist with the other races.

    The average lifespan of Fey Folk is around three hundred years but they mature fast and are capable of taking care of themselves after only twelve years. On occasion, they take up residence with other races to learn magic and this happens around the age of eight.

    Their behavior seems straight forward. They don’t like conflict and will just often fly away or hide from threats. They care about their own with an almost suicidal level of dedication and have often made sacrifices to keep their kind safe. Of course, there are exceptions to this behavior. There are some who are greedy and only care about themselves.

    The interaction between Fey Folk and the other races is normally peaceful and seldom ends up in combat between the two. If it does happen then they will often just leave and fly away. They were wary of the other races when they first interacted with them but have learned to trust certain groups.

    End record. Entered by Scalia the Dragon scribe


    Humans have been able to thrive in the world for millenniums while building cities and villages all over the world. They are the most common intelligent beings that dot the landscape. There are many different kinds of humans all over the world differing in skin color, eye color, general physique and fundamental beliefs. There are many exceptions to how a human appears.

    The general characteristics of a human are that they are two-legged beings that range from four feet to six feet tall. The males typically weigh between one hundred to two hundred pounds. The females weigh normally between eighty to one hundred and sixty pounds. They all have hair on their head and the males can grow hair on their face once they reach adulthood.

    Humans are known for their adaptability and are able to find ways to survive in almost any environment. Though they generally like to be in areas where the temperature has varying extremes over the year normally near the center of the world. This, however, didn’t stop them from spreading out to the edges of the known world.

    Their average lifespan is eighty years but many have been able to go well beyond that. They rapidly mature into fully functioning members of their society after only fourteen years but the trained and educated ones in the art of magic have often been seen taking on responsibilities of an adult at the age of ten.

    Human behavior is completely unpredictable and seems to have no rhyme or reason over the years. They often fight their fellow humans but then some will help others they have never seen before. Greed and ambition are really the only traits that most of them share while there are many exceptions to this generalization.

    Interaction with the other races is often met with prejudice and fear while many have also shown curiosity to the new and different. Throughout history, they have often hunted and killed things that were considered a threat with no real basis for it and are generally stopped by some major event or the belief that they have succeeded in their goals. At the same time, humans will also help the things being hunted and this leaves a mixed message for most of the races during history. Only recently have they began to become more accepting of the different and misunderstood.

    These are the most confusing and interesting creatures I have ever witnessed in all my years chronicling the world.

    End record. Entered by Scalia the Dragon scribe


    These prehistoric beings have been around since the conception of the world but due to their ridiculously long lifespan and ability to handle most environments they haven’t had a need to rush their advancement. When humans first appeared they were first viewed as food to these beings but later became considered a threat because of their ability to learn and advance at an alarming rate that forced the Lizardmen to retreat from them. There have been many examples of cooperation between the two races but only recently have they began to truly coexist with one another.

    They are humanoid appearing beings that come in a variety of appearances that often reflect their personality or their home environment. Every color is possible for their scales to take on and later on in their development they also gained the ability for some to grow hair. Though it is often thick there are cases where the hair is very human like. Their eyes are slit like a cat's and they have only holes for ears but as far as the general look of these beings is extremely varied based upon their past. The male's skin is comprised primarily of large plates and makes them appear as an armored soldier. Female's skin is more smooth leather or tiny scales. This is really the only difference between the physicality of the genders.

    They have taken up residents in the deserts, mountains, swamps, oceans, and tundras. Their race can almost survive anywhere but once acclimated to that environment other extremes often become difficult for them. This makes the expansion of their domain often slow due to the adaptation speed taking generations to allow their young to live without risk in extreme environments.

    Their life span is hundreds of years but they develop at an amazing rate into fully capable beings within just a few years. Even after living for hundreds of years their bodies often remain in pristine condition. There are Lizardmen who will start wizard training at the age of ten but often wait until later years before beginning their magical journey.

    The size of Lizardmen is larger than most of the other races that collaborate with them and is what caused the fear when initial contact was made. They are naturally hunched over but if they straighten out their total height is often increased by about thirty percent. Their tail is normally around twenty percent of their height but is not capable of performing attacks. From feet to head adult height is often in the low double digits. Twelve feet is the average straightened height for the males while the females are normally around ten feet. The males have broader shoulders than the females while the females don’t look like the females of the other races they easy to tell from a male due to their sleeker physique. Males have weighed as much as five hundred pounds while the females are lighter at around three hundred and fifty pounds.

    Lizardmen are often patient and capable of waiting out most situations because of their ability to survive in their home environment for prolonged periods and live for hundreds of years. There have been cases of Lizardmen being impatient and charging without caution into situations. Their disposition towards the other races was first that of a predator until they were being fought back by their supposed prey. They tend to be direct in what they say which makes them great at being honest but can often lead to conflict.

    The heartiest of all the races that are intelligent enough to be worthy of chronicling. They have survived for thousands of years without having to change their core physicality.

    End record. Entered by Scalia the Dragon scribe


    This race was exiled and nearly hunted down to extinction by the humans from which they originated. After being nearly wiped out over eight hundred years ago they managed to repopulate in secrecy and until recently were considered extinct. The appearance of this race started with confusion with the birth of children with animal-like features. At first, these children were considered non-threatening until they reached maturity and that’s when the humans began to fear them. Upon reaching maturity the werekin transformed entirely into animals and were attacked out of fear. Many were killed and some managed to escape and after wandering the wilds for years they found more like themselves. This phenomenon was not limited to a single location. Werekin appeared all over the world at around the same time. No one truly knows the origin of this change and it just seemed to happen. Some theorized that they were created by magical energies that went out of control and altered the children while they were still developing. Although their ability to change into an animal would be considered magical in nature it, in fact, has nothing to do with magic. It is a genetic mutation that allows them to take on the full characteristics of the animal that they emulate. Only recently have they been able to come out of hiding and not be attacked on sight after showing that they are not like the animals that appear to be and have learned to control the transformation.

    The werekin race come in three different types, feline, canine, and ursa, and look like their animal like similarity. Feline werekin are cat-like individuals who have cat ears and a tail. They never develop claws or fangs though and are very nimble and quick. Their eyes are slit and allow them to see extremely well at night. Canine werekin are a dog like people who have a wider and more flexible jaw structure along with the ears of a dog. Being like dogs they have an exceptionally good hearing and sense of smell as well as a quick and powerful physique. Ursa werekin are considerably larger than humans and have a wider face with the normal human features not adjusting to the width. Their shoulders are broad and attached to powerful limbs. People consider them to be slow but they are capable of outrunning humans.

    The general characteristics of werekin are different per each type. Feline are shorter at around four to five and a half feet tall and weigh anywhere between sixty and one hundred pounds. Canine are more the normal size at five to six and a half feet tall and weighing around one hundred to one hundred and eight pounds. Ursa is humanoid who are massive in comparison to their fellow werekin. Towering at six to nine feet tall and weighing three hundred to eight hundred pounds ursa werekin are the largest offshoot of the human race.

    Werekin like to live in areas where they are not easy to find but the presence of anyone else can be easily noticed. Forests and mountains are the main areas for their settlements and have kept them hidden and safe for hundreds of years. They are capable of surviving anywhere that the heat isn’t intense. Some villages have even been placed on mountain tops where it never melts.

    The average lifespan of any werekin is the same as a human.

    Werekin are cautious by nature for fear of the past. Well, those that have survived are anyways. Those who haven’t followed this philosophy have been met with an untimely end and been wiped out. Only recently has the race been able to mingle with the other races. Though most of the humans still find them terrifying and try to keep them at arm's length. This is only because of the legends that have been spread about them from the past. It’s not easy for a werekin to live among humans but those who have managed to pull it off would have it no other way.

    The most tragic of the races by far. Not to be blamed at all for their actions that started them down this path but they didn’t handle it any better than the humans.

    End record. Entered by Scalia the Dragon scribe

  • The Corsair Guild

    The guild where your story begins

    Filled with Colorful Individuals

    The NPCs are thought out and developed

    The people that make the guild unique are just as thought out and developed as any other characters in a story. They each have their own history and traits that make them who they are. There are currently fifteen individuals that you will meet in the guild. Some of them even have their own secrets that you can discover and act upon.

    Cristine Cross

    The 8th Guild Master of Corsair

    She became the guild master of Corsair at the age of eighteen after her grandfather, Caleb Cross, resigned the position after the Wizards Tournament that is held each year. She is quick witted and very easy going until you threaten her family, the guild, or the city that she calls home. Despite her young age she is extremely powerful after spending years training under her grandfather. At a young age of four her wizard journey began and she never complained even when her grandfather wouldn't hold back. Even though she studied under her grandfather she didn't master the same magic as him. She decided to master takeover magic and has accumulated a powerful collection of souls for her use. As a player you can meet this important figure early on.

  • Skills

    Skills are acquired through training or by the actions you take. They are divided into three categories and have their own unique traits and benefits

    Combat Skills

    1. Archery Training. Determines how good you are with archery type weapons
    2. Armor Training. Determines how effectively you are using both shields and armor
    3. Blunt Training. Determines how good you are with blunt type weapons
    4. Edge Training. Determines how good you are with edge type weapons
    5. Firearms Training. Determines how good you are with firearm type weapons
    6. Magic Defense. Determines how well you are able to handle magic attacks
    7. Magic Offense. Determines how well you are able to hit your opponent with magic attacks
    8. Martial Training. Determines how good you are at good you are at your using your body as a weapon
    9. Melee Defense. Determines how well you are able to handle melee attacks
    10. Melee Offense. Determines how well you are able to hit your opponent with melee attacks
    11. Pole Training. Determines how you good are with pole type weapons
    12. Ranged Defense. Determines how well you are able to handle ranged attacks
    13. Ranged Offense. Determines how well you are able to hit your opponent with ranged attacks
    14. Whip Training. Determines how good you are with whip type weapons

    Non-Combat Skills

    1. Acrobatics. Determines your ability to jump climb and deal with fast reaction circumstances
    2. Athletics. Determines your ability to run great distances and cover ground in a short amount of time
    3. Barriers. Determines your ability to deal with locks and wards that block your path or create your own
    4. Cartography. Determines your ability to read maps and figure out where you are
    5. Cooking. Determines your ability to cook food without killing the people eating it
    6. Craft Armor. Determines your ability to create armor for personal use or sale
    7. Craft Firearm. Determines your ability to create firearms for personal use or sale
    8. Craft Weapon. Determines your ability to create weapons for personal use or sale
    9. Linguist. Determines your ability to understand someone or make someone understand you
    10. Medicine. Determines your ability to take care of injuries and adverse effects while not killing the person
    11. Research. Determines your ability to know things about specific topics and learn magic more efficiently
    12. Stealth. Determines your ability to go unknown while either moving or doing something that you shouldn’t be
    13. Survival. Determines your ability to live in the wilds and provide for you and your teammates
    14. Traps. Determines your ability to handle traps and create your own

    Development Skills

    1. Magic Aura Training. Increases your natural amount of magical power
    2. Stat Training. Grants a bonus to your base stats individually

    And many more to come

    There are many different skills that can be of use that will come into the world. As soon as they are discovered by your local guild they will be available to you.

  • Magic

    This magic has great potential and requires time to master. With time any Union of Magic character can learn any magic they desire. Even all of them.

    Active Magic: Magical art that governs the use of ones magical energy to be harnessed and manipulated

    1. Energy Magic. Magic that allows you to create energy type effects that has many different uses
    2. Illusion Magic. Magic that allows you create holographic images or sounds from your magical power
    3. Script Magic. Magic that allows a wizard to write words and give them tangible form and support people in combat
    4. Telekinetic Magic. Magic that allows you to manipulate objects with your magical power
    5. Telepathic Magic. Magic that allows you to read and project thoughts

    Holder Magic: Magical art that governs the ability to use and modify magical items

    1. Alchemist. Magic that is involved in the creation of potions and brews that will either boost your abilities in combat or be used against your opponents
    2. Spiritual Wizard. Magic that involves making contracts with celestial spirits who will aid you
    3. Requip Firearms. Magic that allows you to store guns in another personal dimension and be brought forth and modify the ammunition in combat
    4. Requip Primitive. Magic that allows you to store weapons in another personal dimension and be brought forth and enhanced for combat
    5. Staff Magic. Magical art that allows you to tap into the properties of magical staffs and have access to it’s magical powers

    Physical Magic: Magical art that governs the ability to alter your own physical form and enhance it

    1. Alter Magic. Magic that is involved in turning your body into an element and grant you protective and offensive abilities
    2. Enhance Magic. Magic that is used to increase ones physical capabilities
    3. Takeover Magic. Magic that involves the utilization of a beings soul to aid you after you have successfully dominated it
    4. Teleportation Magic. Magic that allows you to move yourself of objects distances not limited to line of sight
    5. Transformation Magic. Magic that allows you to disguise your physical form or gain abilities to suite your needs

    Creation Magic: Magical art that governs the ability to create solid objects with your magical energy

    1. Element Make. Magic that allows the creation of physical objects made of material type elements
    2. Picto Magic. Magic that allows your drawings to spring from pages and aid you in whatever manor you so desire

    Dragon Magic: Magical art that gives you the abilities and properties of dragons

    1. Energy Dragon. Magic that is based upon a dragon who has domain over energy based elements
    2. Material Dragon. Magic that is based upon a dragon who has domain over material based elements

    Forbidden Magic: This magic is either so dangerous or too powerful to be taught by your local guild. Go find them or if you are brave/crazy enough try and create your own

    The world is expansive and filled with history that you could never know in one lifetime. Secrets buried by calamities or war. Ancient powers that wander the world seeking those worthy to learn their arts. Beings of immense power just waiting to be subjugated. Let the hunt for power commence.

    Advanced Arts: Magic that is only achievable after years of studying under the masters of the guild

    Still in development. Examples: Gravity, Mind Walking, Reality, and many more to come

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